“Marketing is not usually where foundations invest their funds, and it is a skill that most nonprofits don’t have. But the environmental message alone is not enough to make a difference to most electricity customers. We needed more effective marketing information, strategies and tools. That’s why foundations joined with the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund to create SmartPower. SmartPower’s success in growing the clean energy field is why we continue our support.”

– Ruth Hennig, Executive Director, The John Merck Fund

“SmartPower has been an invaluable partner in building the clean energy market in Pennsylvania.”

– Roger Clark, Pennsylvania Sustainable Development Fund

“SmartPower’s innovative approach to researching our customers helped us dig into issues we hadn’t ever thought about, but were holding back our program.”

– Betsy Kauffman, Energy Trust of Oregon

“SmartPower has exceeded our expectations in creating a community-based program that engages our communities and residents in supporting solar power. They have recruited ambassadors from our customer base that are actively engaged in their campaign and their solar coach provides technical advice that has helped people take action. I can wholeheartedly recommend working with SmartPower.”

– Eran Mahrer, Arizona Public Service

“We need a neutral player like SmartPower to help build the marketplace and create a stronger message about clean energy.”

– Rob Harmon, Bonneville Energy Foundation

“Our investment in SmartPower paid for itself many times over by creating a clean energy infrastructure that allows us to continue to build upon the original successes.”

– Lise Dondy, Former CEO, Connecticut Clean Energy Fund

“We’ve got to get everyone in America thinking more about their energy use, and I think SmartPower’s focus on teens is right on.”

– Ed Begley, Jr., actor and environmental activist, on SmartPower’s America’s Greenest Campus campaign

“I would definitely do business with SmartPower again. DOE was very lucky to work with such an accomplished and innovative organization.”

– Linda Silverman, Senior Advisor for Renewable Energy, U.S. Department of Energy

“SmartPower’s team has improved our outreach and marketing efforts in Traverse City, MI, by helping us make clear decisions on how to reach our target audience with their depth of experience and attention to detail. The early success of our program and the solid foundation we have built around our energy efficiency campaign is in no small part in thanks to the SmartPower team.”

– Brian Beauchamp, TC Saves and the Michigan Land Use Institute