The Renewables


Meet the Renewables, the world’s greenest superheroes – and the perfect way to educate young people about renewable energy. Whether you’re looking for school curriculum, high-visibility displays or giveaway items for your next event, the Renewables can help meet your clean energy education needs.

Solar Man, aka Sonny Ray Rider. By day, Sonny works as a solar salesman. On a mission to light up the world with the power of the sun, Sonny taps into solar energy and harnesses its incredible power. His powers include solar radiation and heat vision.

Wind Woman, aka Gale Forces. This weather anchor for “Watts Up, Solarville?” always has a smile on her face – but doesn’t put up with energy wasters. Her superpowers include air manipulation and omnipresence.

Geo, aka Guy Zer. Guy is an avid rock collector and seismic expert. But behind his shy demeanor lurk some serious superpowers, including X-ray vision and steam shooting.

Bio, aka Pedro Ulysses Powers. Pedro is not your ordinary 4th grader. He spends his time as a composting/recycling advocate at Solarville Elementary and uses his knowledge to help the Renewables team.

Tank, aka Harry Hydro. When he’s not working as a civil engineer, Harry loves to catch waves on the beach. As a professional surfer, he discovered his powers to manipulate water and liquefy objects.

Together the Renewables fight their arch nemesis, Watt Waster, as he wreaks havoc in Solarville, causing neighborhood blackouts.

To learn more about the Renewables and how they can help your organization, contact Brian F. Keane.