The New England Solar Challenge

Building upon the success SmartPower witnessed with The Arizona Solar Challenge, our team and partners — The John Merck Fund, The Connecticut Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority and the Putnam Family Foundation along with the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center —launched ground-breaking solar campaigns under the banner of The New England Solar Challenge.

The foundation of the New England Solar Challenge is the Solarize model utilizing key elements that include: 1) town-supported outreach and education, 2) pre-selected solar installer, 3) discount pricing, and 4) a clear end date. The campaign has been launched with Solarize Connecticut and Solarize Mass–Boston.

In our first pilot, our communities more than doubled the amount of solar in just 20 weeks than over the previous 7 years.

As we continue to expand, SmartPower has partnered with Yale University, New York University and CEFIA through a SEEDS grant from the Department of Energy to identify the most effective elements of the Solarize model for broader adoption of residential solar. Communities are being selected for Solarize Express and Solarize Choice models that utilize aspects of the campaign in order to research which work most effectively.

SmartPower’s goal is to spread the Solarize model to communities across New England states through the New England Solar Challenge.