America’s Next Eco-Star


Katelyn Romanov Is America’s Next Eco-Star!

SmartPower is pleased to announce that Middlebury College campus sustainability leader Katelyn Romanov has won the title of America’s Next Eco-Star in the nationwide search for the standout among our country’s next generation of energy leaders.

Katelyn was selected by more than 10,000 voters and a panel of experts to win the title, in a contest sponsored by SmartPower and the U.S. Department of Energy.

“We have found the future of energy and environmental activism – and her name is Katelyn Romanov,” said SmartPower president Brian F. Keane. “Katelyn represents a new type of activist – one who combines energy and enthusiasm with a true understanding of what engages people.”

Katelyn’s prizes include:

  • a summer fellowship in the Washington, D.C., office of SmartPower.
  • a $1,000 grant to present to the Middlebury sustainability office for campus clean energy and energy efficiency programs.
  • the coveted title of America’s Next Eco-Star, representing the future of this nation’s energy leadership.

Follow Katelyn’s work on the America’s Next Eco-Star Facebook page and on Twitter.